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Surviving sequestration: U.S. military would still be #1

A possible $52.3 billion sequestration cut in the Pentagon budget would not knock the U.S. from its position as #1 military superpower spender. How much are we talking about?


Sequestration would hit the Pentagon hard – but not hard enough to knock the U.S. off its perch as the world’s top military spender – at least not yet. Those cuts kick in next January should Congress and the White House fail to agree on a plan to reduce the deficit. They would shave $52.3 billion from the Pentagon in 2013. That would drop the Defense Department budget to $643 billion, still dwarfing #2 spender China, with its military budget estimated at $120 billion.

Sequestration could spell new cuts to the Pentagon over 10 years totaling $500 billion – on top of a like amount of spending reductions already planned.

We have a photo gallery with more details. Take a look, then check out “What Do Others Say?” and add your thoughts to the discussion below. Are you worried about sequestration’s impact on our military?

What do others say?

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