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Heat wave continues 28 straight years of warmer average temperatures

June 30, 2013

Global temperatures have not dipped below long-term averages since 1985. The U.S. broke several temperature records in 2012.


A record-setting heat wave has hit the Southwest, and it's not exactly fun in the sun - heat exhaustion, fires, travel delays and deaths have come along with it. It's the latest episode in a trend of days getting hotter and hotter - a trend that has lasted for over 28 years.

Global temperatures have not dipped below average since 1985. That’s more than 337 months in a row. No one younger than 28 has ever seen a month in which global temperatures were below average.

Looking just at the U.S. climate, January-October 2012 were the warmest first 10 months of any year in U.S. history, with temperatures 3.4 degrees Fahrenheit above the 20th century average of 55 degrees.

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