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Hosting a Discussion of the Big Issues

The public needs, and should demand, serious, real-world discussion about the problems we face. Luckily, there are proven ways to get real people together to discuss the issues reasonably. 

You are invited to host a Face the Facts Discussion, which is an approximately 90-minute conversation with friends, colleagues or community members about a big issue facing this country. 

Take these four steps to host a successful Face the Facts discussion.  

1. Download the Discussion Guide. This Guide has instructions and simple tips for hosting an engaging Face the Facts USA conversation. It is designed to be used with the Issue Fact Sheets and videos. 

2. Choose an issue to focus your Discussion. Right now, two fact sheets are ready for your use, and others are coming. If you want to host a discussion about an issue without these materials, you will still find lots of helpful information on that topic’s home page. 

3. Plan and host your discussion. Invite participants, prepare your agenda and gather your materials. 

  • Sample Email invitation (Word document) 
  • Sample Flyer for posting and emailing (Word document)
  • Sample Newsletter article for an organization’s e-newsletter (Word document) 

4. Report back. Let us know who attended and how your discussion went. 

Looking for more help? If you have a question that isn’t answered in the Discussion Guide, you can ask the team at Face the Facts USA by emailing [email protected]