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Where the battle lines are lines of code

May 29, 2013

Cybersecurity attacks against the US average 117 a day. $13 billion spent in 2011 didn't stop the breaches.

Earlier this week a confidential Pentagon report revealed that Chinese hackers have compromised some of America's sensitive weapons system designs. We're talking missile systems and the advanced technology behind U.S. aircrafts and ships. This isn't a brand-new threat - we've been warned that our cybersecurity is not up to snuff before - but rather is part of a bigger trend.

The federal government has suffered a nearly 680 percent increase in cybersecurity breaches in the past six years. Washington spent $13 billion to protect information technology in fiscal 2011 amid 42,887 incidents involving data loss or theft, computer intrusions and privacy breaches. Thats 117 per day. The range of attacks is impressive and the defense is expensive.

Weve got a video today that spells it all out. See it, share it, and join the discussion below. Do you feel cyber-safe?