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Are you ready to face the facts and help change the conversation?

Help break our nation’s budget gridlock. . . one conversation at a time!

Americans with different views need to talk to each other. Instead of partisan debates, we need nonpartisan dialogues that: focus on the facts, emphasize listening, look for areas of agreement and explore ways to work together.

Take a fast Introductory Quiz to learn some important and surprising facts about our federal budget. We think you’ll learn something new, and it’s a good warm up for talking to others about the budget.

Take a Survey:

Understand Your Values and Principles
Reflect on some key values and principles and how they shape our budget choices

Weigh America’s Budget Choices!
Look at some of the tough budget choices currently being debated in Washington and decide where you would cut and spend.

Have a Conversation:

After you have taken at least one of the above surveys, talk with another interested citizen to share your views and learn from each other.  Use our Discussion Guide to help structure your conversation. If possible, talk with someone who has a different political perspective, or let us find someone like that for you.

I have a conversation partner or will get one 

I want to be matched with a conversation partner (Be sure to complete the Values and Principles Survey before your matched conversation).

The information on this website does not contain any data from advocacy groups. Information is sourced from the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office in their recent November report: Choices for Deficit Reduction.