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How You Can Help Change the Conversation

The only way we can solve America’s budget challenge is to better understand what’s important to each of us and then work together to find a way forward. Instead of partisan debate, we need conversations that focus on the facts, emphasize listening, look for areas of agreement and explore ways to work together.

Thank you for helping to change the conversation. Here’s how:

1. Take one or both surveys and download your results if you have not done so already.

2. Download this Discussion Guide and share one of the survey links above with your discussion partner so they can take they survey before you talk together.

3. Meet with your discussion partner - someone who may see the issues from a different perspective - and use your survey results and our discussion guide to talk together for about a half hour.

4. Keep sharing your views and encourage others to do the same

If enough people really engage in dialogue about the budget, we can change our national conversation and begin to find solutions that really work. Invite other friends, neighbors, or family members who have different views to take one of the surveys and join you in a conversation. You will learn something from everyone you talk to. Encourage those you know to come to this website and learn how easy it is for them to get involved and help create a more effective conversation on our nation’s budget.

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