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From harm’s way to the ‘help wanted’ ads

The jobless rate for military veterans is considerably higher than for non-vets. One in three male veterans under age 24 is unemployed.

From harm’s way to the ‘help wanted’ ads

Vets need jobs. One in three male military veterans under the age of 24 is unemployed. The jobless rate in 2011 for these young veterans was 29.1 percent; for men in the same age group who did not serve, it was 17.6 percent.

During the last decade less than 1 percent of the American population served in uniform, the smallest percentage since World War II despite the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan. Neither President Obama nor his Republican challenger Mitt Romney had military experience; the 2012 presidential election is the first to feature two non-veterans since World War II. 

Get more facts on the unemployment challenge facing young vets in today’s infographic. Click above to see the whole thing. Then join the discussion thread below. Why do you think veteran unemployment is so high? What do you think the solution is?

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