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Well, Mr. President, now YOU have a job

The newly elected president faces many economic challenges. Among them: a changing, downsized workforce, staggering deficits and national debt.

Well, Mr. President, now YOU have a job

To the victor go the spoils, and we’ve got some sobering economic reminders for President Obama. You have the unenviable task of contending with the new normal – a shifting and downsized workforce, lagging exports, staggering deficits and national debt.  The numbers may tell us things are not as bad as during the recession, but no one is singing Happy Days Are Here Again.

Here are some of the President’s toughest economic challenges.  Check out our infographic and links for more on the state of joblessness and the long-term unemployed, Americans’ depleted net worth and the widening white/minority wealth gap.  

The President will need to respond to the outsourcing of jobs. He’ll have to help workers whose manufacturing jobs will likely never return.  And he’ll need to show he can capitalize on positive forces, like the booming health care industry.

Small business is down but not out.  Those folks are going to be looking to the White House for help.  

And what does a President do when even the weather can whack the economy through widespread drought that raises food prices?

Consider all the conditions, then check out the advice of various experts in “What Do Others Say?”  We’re sure you have plenty of advice of your own for the president.  Add it to the discussion thread below.  Are you more or less confident this president will deliver on economic issues? 

What do others say?

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