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Want to retire and keep insurance? Fewer employers say OK

February 23, 2013

Companies offering health benefits to retirees are way down. Retirees increasingly depend on Medicare.

Companies offering health benefits to their retirees are an increasingly endangered species. In 2011, only 26 percent of large firms (200 employees or more) offered retirees health insurance. In 1988, it was 66 percent. During that 23-year period, total funds spent on health care in the US skyrocketed from $582 billion to $2.59 trillion.

In todays infographic, see what General Motors spent on health coverage in one recent year and what it did to the MSRPs of GM cars. In What Do Others Say, dig into the range of views on this issue. Whose problem is health coverage for retirees? Former employers, retirees themselves, the government, or some other party? Weigh in below.