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More than ever, we’re a matriculation nation

October 09, 2012

Despite rising costs, U.S. college enrollment is up 37.3% since 2000. Hispanic and black students show the largest gains.

Yes, the cost of college is escalating fast – and has been for years. No, college attendance isn’t in decline. Enrollment and graduation rates are both up, with Hispanics and blacks showing the largest gains.

Enrollment is up 37.3 percent since 2000. College Hispanics have increased 87.5 percent; black students, 75.6 percent. (Today’s video has all the numbers.) Whites still comprise the majority of college students, at 60.5 percent. Women in college now substantially outnumber men; in 2010 there were 11.9 women enrollees and 9 million males. More than 57 percent of 2010 grads were female, too.

Of course, to pay for all these degrees, student debt is growing too (see our prior fact).  Do you think this rising tide of college students is doing the right thing? What advice would you give them? (Students: what advice would you like?) Join our discussion below.