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Commuters: driven to go it alone

February 24, 2013

More than three-quarters of American workers still drive alone to work each day.

Americans may hate rush-hour traffic, but not enough to give up their cars. Latest figures available show more than three-quarters of commuters drive to work alone.

Suburbanites are the most likely solo commuters -- 81.5 percent of them drive alone. Overall, 86 percent of commuters drive themselves in cars, trucks or vans. Only 5 percent use public transportation. Fewer still walk or ride bicycles.

Hispanics are most likely to carpool. 16.5 percent of them do so compared to 9.5 percent for non-Hispanics. 11.5 percent of African-Americans use public transportation, the most of any ethnic group.

Please watch our video on rush-hour commuting. See What Do Others Say for more views, then add to the discussion below. What would it take to get more Americans to try carpools or public transportation?