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Catch of the day comes from abroad

November 15, 2012

About 86 percent of fish we eat is imported, due in part to overfishing of U.S. waters. What are our favorites and where do they come from?

Americans have a big appetite for fish but little of it is caught in U.S. waters, due in part to overfishing. About 86 percent of fish consumed in the U.S. is imported.

Nearly a quarter of all U.S. fish stocks are overfished. Much of the overfishing is in the waters off New England. Another 14 percent of stocks are in danger of being overfished.

Fish imports are big business, valued at $16.6 billion in 2011. Shrimp is the #1 import.

Our infographic has many more fish facts, and its interactive. Make sure you click around to see all its detail. Reel in a variety of views on the fishing industry in What Do Others Say. Finally, add to the discussion below. Do we need a government response to overfishing Do you care where your fish comes from?