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Across the-board budget cuts? Not quite

February 03, 2013

Automatic, mandatory spending cuts could hammer the Pentagon and some domestic programs, but others will be safe and sound.

The threat of sequestration automatic spending reductions that kick in unless a budget deal is struck hovers over Washington. But its worth pointing out that several high-cost programs are exempt.

$54.7 billion would come out of Pentagon spending for 2013. But members of the military need not worry about their income. Military pay is exempt from sequestration.

Another $54.7 billion must be cut from other discretionary programs. But you wont see it come from Social Security or Medicaid; both are protected. Veterans benefits and food stamps are also exempt.

Check out our infographic for more programs that are exempt or get only limited sequestration cuts. See What Do Others Say for more views, then add to the discussion below. Do you agree these programs should be exempt? Is it fair to shift the cuts to other programs?