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A premium rise in premium prices

August 21, 2012

Average health insurance premiums for a family of four jumped 62 percent in the last decade. Deductibles nearly doubled.

Increases in health insurance premiums have outpaced growth in worker earnings and inflation.  Average health insurance premiums paid by employers and employees for a family of four have increased 62 percent in the past decade, from $8,576 annually in 2000 to $13,871 in 2010. For employer-sponsored health insurance, the most common kind, the worker’s share of the premium jumped 82 percent in that time frame, to $3,721 a year.

And you might not believe what’s happened to insurance deductibles over the last decade – but today’s infographic spells it all out for you. Check it out above, then jump into “What Do Others Say?” for a roundup of views on insurance pricing and its effect on consumers.