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The Face the Facts USA Mission

To cut to the chase. To give you facts we know to be true. To show you how we know. To make facts compelling, memorable, creative - and triggers for informed debate and needed solutions.

We’re on a mission to fight spin, noise and cynicism.

Right with you, we tumble around inside this washing machine full of acid suds we call today’s political process. Confusing rhetoric. Vicious trivia wars. Steadfast refusal to face facts.

Who likes this? Who thinks this works?

The crazier it gets, the harder it is focus on what’s important – the biggest, toughest issues. The harder it is to separate the trash from the truth.

Face the Facts USA is built on reason, not rhetoric. Our mission is to deliver fascinating, sometimes entertaining, always thoroughly vetted information that will foster dialogue, participation, and consensus.

We hope you develop a mission of your own. Use Face the Facts USA to share information, start chats, consider alternatives, and make change. Dig into issues and frame your opinions with more confidence; kick cynicism to the curb. In short, let’s arrest the spin cycle and get back to the serious business of moving a big, beautiful country forward.